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Business and Government Ethics International (BGEI) is a professional consultancy that helps businesses and governments create and maintain sustainable ethical cultures through impactful communication, education, and integrated internal programs that are specifically tailored to their needs. When issues arise, BGEI helps clients preserve their reputations and standing by creating procedures and processes to address the problems that created those issues. BGEI brings to bear decades of its principals' organizational and academic experience to provide superior solutions.

Our Beginning

BGEI was founded to address a critical need in these difficult times. Businesses and governments often struggle to create cultures of ethics and accountability, and to maintain the confidence of customers and the trust of the public. Corporate executives and government officials recognize that, though their organizations' cultures do not appear in a budget or on a balance sheet the failure to create and maintain an ethical culture may. We want to help businesses and governments reduce the risk of such a failure. It's that simple. And our principals have been doing just that for over two decades.

“Many organizational leaders think ethics will take care of itself. That's a mistake. In the life of any organization, private or public, ethical issues arise. How those issues are addressed can have a significant impact on bottom lines, reputations, careers, and the public trust.”

— Dr. David e. McClean, FOUNDER


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